In 'The Sentence,' a brother explores the toll his sister's imprisonment takes on their family (LA Times)

From the Los Angeles Times

When Cindy Shank was in prison, her bed consisted of a metal slab and paper-thin mattress. And now, here she was in her own condo — one she’d been put up in, no less — with feather pillows.

“Yeah, this is not something I could imagine a year ago when I was in prison,” the 45-year-old said, looking around the plush mountainside getaway.

It was January, and Shank had traveled to the Sundance Film Festival with her brother, Rudy Valdez. For the last decade, Valdez has been working on a documentary about his sister’s time behind bars, and the toll it took on her three young daughters — now 14, 12 and 10.

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