Sundance film ‘The Sentence’ puts a tearful human face on prison injustice (Washington Post)

From The Washington Post:

PARK CITY, Utah — Cindy Shank remembers all those years in prison, trying to find a way to still be a mother to her three young daughters.

There was the time when, craving a Halloween experience with her children, she made costumes out of what was available — toilet paper — and took them trick-or-treating in the prison visitation area.

There were the visits when she found an empty room so she and the girls could have a spontaneous karaoke party and sing Taylor Swift songs together.

And there were those many years of weekly phone calls — 15 minutes total, five for each daughter — in which she would describe her cell to her daughters and listen to them tell of their bedrooms in the suburbs of Lansing, Mich. That was the strangest part — a bond tight enough to practically feel over a phone line but never being close enough that she could see their rooms or be in there with them.

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